Capital Residential’s Top Ten Real Estate Blog Entries of 2011

real estateThe Most Read Real Estate News of ’11

2011 was a big year for Capital Residential, ending with a move to our new office in Norwell, MA. Thank you to our clients, colleagues, neighbors and friends for the incredible support. There’s a lot to talk about in real estate for 2012, but let’s take a quick look back at the most popular blog posts on Capital Residential’s website in 2011. Home searches in Norwell were extremely popular. If you’re starting your search for the perfect house in Norwell or a surrounding town, please feel free to give me a call at 617.877.4839 or send me an email at

#10. Can You Help? Upcoming Donor Drives in Norwell

#9. Selling Your Home Successfully With a Strategic Marketing Plan

#8.  Norwell #1 Boston Globe Pick For Top Spots To Live

#7. Selling A House During The Holiday Season

#6. Norwell’s Strawberry Festival June 12th

#5.  Fire Safety Open House in Norwell

#4. New Athletic Team for Norwell High School: Girls Hockey

#3. Wildcat Hill Development Breaks Ground on 46 New Homes in Norwell

#2. Looking to Sell? Big Design Trends for 2012

#1. Buying in Norwell? Tips To Get You Started

Looking to Sell? Big Design Trends for 2012

2012Design Trends for 2012

The Boston Design Center is not typically open to the general public, but their impact can be felt all over the South Shore, even right here in Norwell. The design trends they follow find their way into all the catalogs and home furnishing stores, and ultimately into our living rooms. The Boston Design Center recently released the hot trends they are expecting for 2012, and one word sums it up: purple.

Purple and Green in 2012

Purple is the stand out color for next year, adorning everything from fabrics on window treatments and chairs, to rugs and centerpieces. All shades seem to be prominent including the deeper plums to the bold, bright hues. Green is also a favorite for 2012. The shade is different than in years before taking on an earthier, yellow tone, and being found in unusual color pairings such as with black or pink. For those with a bold personality orange is making a comeback as an accent color for decorative pillows or a splash of color in a larger design area. And neutrals continue to be a timeless favorite for their flexibility. Taupe is preferred next season over beige due to its versatility. With its brown and gray tones, taupe offers a nice neutral palette and balance to the louder purples and oranges.

Intricate Patterns in 2012

In terms of furnishings and interior décor, patterns are big in 2012 design trends. Woven meshes and intricate patterns cover couches and sofas. Flower patterns and accents have always been popular in home design, but for 2012 the flowers have grown, taking on a 1940s look that is both modern and classic. Also trending in 2012 home design is a world-traveler’s feel. Accent pieces that conjure images of globetrotting and travel adventure such as animal-printed fabric, oversized trunks, and Asian-inspired dressers are focal points in 2012. Black and white patterns are big in the fashion world, and the trend has spilled over into home interior design. With bolder, contrasting designs expected for 2012.

Rich, Simple, Rustic Style

In terms of style, home interiors will take a step back in time in 2012 with opulent gold-toned furniture making a comeback. The luxurious styling of late 19th century mansions is expected to dominate 2012. Also emerging in 2012 is rugged, frontier-inspired interior design in homes. Details such as hammered copper, rivets and wood trim will give rustic charm to styling pieces. Another style trend in 2012, a return to minimalism, but with an expensive twist. Sleek, modern, simple design is back in design, but using expensive materials such as zebra wood, as a sort of understated display of luxury. Also, making an appearance in 2012 home interior design, are durable stylings that stand up to the wear and tear of active families. Coffee tables that can take a beating, carpet that withstands pets and children, and fabrics and upholstery that is resilient and functional.

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