5 Bedroom Cape Style Home For Sale in Norwell MA

5 Bedroom Cape Style Home For Sale in Norwell MA, beautifully landscaped, totally updated with new kitchen cabinets, granite counter tops, and stainless steel appliances.  Norwell is known for it’s exceptional school system.  This home is located just minutes from the commuter rail and beautiful South Shore beaches.

For further information or to schedule a showing, please feel free to contact me at julie@capitalresidential.com or at 781-812-3971

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Beaches on the South Shore

Beaches on the South Shore of Massachusetts have long been known as a major benefit of living in nearby coastal communities south of Boston such as Hingham, Cohasset, Norwell, Hull, Scituate, Marshfield, Hanover, Duxbury, Braintree, Weymouth and Quincy. There are a multitude of choices when it comes to deciding which beaches on the South Shore to visit. Some beaches are for residents only and you need a summer parking sticker, some are hidden gems with no parking at all and some are too well known as the place to go for city dwellers looking to cool off. But with so many choices, there is plenty of sand and waves for all to enjoy. I’ve lived on the South Shore all my life and have been to all of these beaches at one time or another. They all have their own unique features that make people fall in love with them. Get out and enjoy the weather and the beaches on the South Shore no matter what time of the year it is.

This is a list of Beaches on the South Shore of Massachusetts:

1. Nantasket Beach, Hull: This is by far the most popular and largest stretch (3.5 miles) of Atlantic Beaches on the South ShoreOcean beach on the South Shore. Nantasket Beach was recently voted the cleanest (water) beach in Eastern Massachusetts and I can attest to that. This beach has mostly hard packed sand as it has a very low tide, which is great for little kids wading in the water. There are lifeguards, bathhouses and an arcade (circa Paragon Park). There is a 1,000+ car parking lot, which is not enough on hot summer days. Everyone seems to have a secret spot they like at this beach for both parking and swimming. I love this beach late afternoon from 4 PM to 8 PM when the mass of sunbathers head home and the sun isn’t too high. There are plenty of fast food and snack eating options as well as family-style sit down restaurants and finer dining establishments like Jake’s Seafoood, LaDalat, Bridgeman’s, Mezzo Mare, The Red Parrot, Saporitos, and Schooners. I think it’s one of the best beaches on the South Shore!

2. Sandy Beach, Cohasset: This is a small but beautiful sandy beach offering resident only parking. Try heading to this beach after normal beach hours when the parking lot empties and non-residents can sneak in.

Beaches on the South Shore3. Humarock Beach, Scituate: Some people think this beach is in Marshfield, but once you go back over the bridge, you’re on the Scituate peninsula, which was washed away from the mainland years ago. This is one of the more popular beaches on the South Shore offering a long stretch of beach with fine hard packed sand. Parking is limited and many of the beach-goers own homes and cottages along this stretch of ocean. There are eating and drinking options like the Bridgewaye Inn and Sands End Cafe. The Fourth of July is lots of fun on this beach.

4. Pegotty Beach, Scituate: This is a small half-mile long beach with hard packed sand just outside of downtown Scituate Harbor, which is walkable. You’ll find some surfers here when the wave action is good.

5. Minot Beach, Scituate: This is a well known Scituate beach, mostly for it namesake and views of Minots Ledge Lighthouse. You’ll either have to live near the beach or know someone that does to access the beach.

6. Egypt Beach, Scituate: This is a small private resident-only beach in the North Scituate section of town.

7. Rexhame Beach, Marshfield: This is one of my favorite beaches on the South Shore. It’s a long Beaches on the South Shoresandy stretch of beach in Marshfield that is just perfect for a hot summer day. I think it’s one of the best beaches on the South Shore. There are limited non-resident parking spaces, so get there really early if you’re planning on a long family beach day. Did I already say this is one of my favorite beaches on the South Shore!

8. Brant Rock Beach, Marshfield: Brant Rock is a well-known small local hangout beach. Typically people that own or rent homes in the area frequent this beach due to its convenience. It’s rocky like many of the beaches on the South Shore and it has very limited parking.

9. Green Harbor Beach, Marshfield: Lots of people think this is one of the best beaches on the South Shore. It offers a good sandy beach with minimal rocks. Public parking can be tough on hot summer days but there’s parking available at the local lobster pound. Like anything, plan accordingly and either leave for the beach early or go later in the afternoon when others have had their fill of the hot midday sun. Green Harbor is a lot of fun at night with plenty of restaurants and watering holes.

Beaches on the South Shore10. Duxbury Beach, Duxbury: When it comes to best beaches on the South Shore, this is one of the state’s most popular beaches with 4 miles of beautiful sand perfect for the summer. Yes, there are rocks and pebbles, but remember we’re in New England not Cozumel. This beach includes sand dunes, ample parking (on the beach with a sticker), a bathhouse and concession stand with the typical beach shack menu items. Get there early on summer days, it gets packed quick. The beach extends out to Saquish Neck and Saquish Village, a peninsula which actually is part of Plymouth. The large sand dunes provide a great backdrop for beach goers. Duxbury Beach is also home to piping plover nests throughout the warmer months of the year so be careful. Parking is about $15 for non-residents unless you buy a summer beach sticker. If you don’t want to pay the parking fee, find the entrance to Powder Point bridge a few miles south. This is the entrance to the resident area where there is a small free lot. If you pack light and are a good walker, you can enjoy this beach for free! You just have to walk the bridge, as all of the parking over the bridge is for residents. This is truly one of the most beautiful beaches on the South Shore.

11.Hingham Bathing Beach, Hingham: This is a small stretch of man-made beach sand in Hingham Harbor. Not a great beach for sunbathing and swimming as it is an inner-harbor stretch of sand with no wave action. Many visitors use it for a picnic or a place to read a book in the adjoining shade-filled park. It’s a great place to watch the Fourth of July fireworks or have a picnic with the family! When I first entered the real estate business 18 years ago, I remember reading my study materials for the real estate license test under a nice shady tree overlooking Hingham Harbor. This is a nice and peaceful place to visit.

12.Wessagusset Beach, Weymouth: Wessagusset Beach has had a revival over the years. Once a beach you would not even consider, it is now a place that is not only convenient, but attractive and safe to swim in. There is newer sand and lifeguards. Bring a cooler with lunch and drinks. Plenty of parking.

13.Wallaston Beach, Quincy: If you’ve traveled to or from the City of Boston to the South Shore and Beaches on the South Shoretaken the alternate coastline route, you’ve probably driven down Quincy Shore Drive (aka Route 3A) and have passed Wallaston Beach. Over the years, this beach has undergone several major improvements including new sand and most importantly, cleaner water as part of the massive Boston Harbor water cleanup project started 20+ years ago. Today’s Wallaston Beach offers beach-goers 2.5 miles of fairly clean sand and plenty of room to spread out for a game of volleyball or football. There are on-duty lifeguards and free public parking. Most people don’t think of Wallaston beach as a place to swim because of its history and being off-limits so much, but people say the water is clean and okay for swimming. Lots of people just choose to sit on the wall and people watch or work on their tans. It’s a popular beach for walking and jogging after some excellent fried clams and crinkle cut french fries at the local eating establishment like the famous Tony’s Clam Shop, the Clam Box and the long established Beachcomber Irish Bar, featuring live bands and performers for over 50+ years. Another popular spot, just down the street is Quincy’s Marina Bay, offering fabulous views of Boston and the Boston Harbor. This is a destination point for many people during the summer months and weekends.

14.Gray’s Beach, Kingston: This is a small resident-only sticker beach near the Rocky Nook section of town. It’s easy to get to just off Route 3 and Route 3A.

These are not all the beaches on the South Shore but some of the best.

There are some very small private and resident-only beaches on the South Shore, too many to name, as well as lots of beautiful beaches in Plymouth so you don’t have to get stuck in traffic with all the tourists visiting Cape Cod. But this should give you a decent choice of beaches to think about visiting. If you’re thinking about moving, want to be close to the beaches on the  South Shore and need to buy a home, please consider using my professional buyer-agent Realtor services. For more information, please contact Realtor George Jamieson with Capital Residential Real Estate at 781-659-2005 or by email at george@capitalresidential.com. Oh, and if you’ve enjoyed the last 25, 30 or 40 years in your South Shore home near our great beaches on the South Shore and think it’s time to pass it on to another family, please call me. I have buyers who are waiting for the perfect home on the South Shore.

The Norwell Real Estate Market Is Looking Up

The Norwell real estate market and median home prices continue to be stable as inventory has been seasonally adjusting upward. There have also been more homes coming on the market due to overall market improvement. Empty-nesters who have been waiting for the last several years for the market and house values to improve seem to be coming to the realization that this might be a good time to put their single-family home on the market.

Norwell real estate market action has increased significantly

The uptick in the Norwell real estate market seems to have coincided with the taxpayer approved property tax override in Town that will further boost the Norwell Schools with the hiring of 17 new teachers and cadre of new technology, smart boards and iPads for students. In fact, Norwell real estate market action has been so intense that the ‘average days on market’ has slipped below the 140 day mark, though as action increases and properties go under contract, so does the median price per square foot, which is hovering around the $242 per sq. ft. level.  Since last summer, the median price per square foot in the Norwell real estate market has been declining, but as of May of 2012, things finally changed as the direction moved positive. The interest in Norwell from buyers continues to be fueled by historically low interest rates at 3.5% for 30-year mortgages.

In the Norwell Real Estate Market, Buyers are Back and Sellers are Taking Notice

Things are looking more positive in general in the Norwell real estate market as buyers seek out Norwell as a great place to live with a strong school system. If you are interested in learning more about the Town of Norwell and the Norwell real estate market and detailed data or if you’re thinking of selling your home and would like a free appraisal, please contact Realtor George Jamieson at Capital Residential at 617-877-4839 or email: george@capitalresidential.com. If you would like to search Norwell homes for sale, click here.

Norwell Real Estate Market

Norwell Real Estate Market

Norwell Real Estate Market

Norwell Real Estate Market

Norwell Real Estate Market

Norwell Real Estate Market

Selling Your Home? Know How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agent

Selling your home this year? Any competent real estate agent associated with a reputable brokerage firm can help you when selling your home. However, there can be vast differences in the level of value and professional services offered by the multitude of real estate agencies you have to choose from. It’s important when selling your home to know how to choose the right real estate agent. Not only is the brokerage firm you pick a key component, but the specific real estate agent you choose to work with can have a huge impact on the success of your transaction.

Selling Your Home with the biggest company doesn’t mean you always get more

Capital Residential Real Estate is considered a boutique real estate agency, meaning it’s locally owned, relatively small and independent from a national or regional brand affiliation.  As the owner and principal broker of Capital Residential Real Estate, I like my company being independent and different from the self-proclaimed #1 real estate conglomerates in the industry. The advantage Capital Residential Real Estate has is we don’t have to pay a franchise conglomerate a monthly fee plus another few percentage points for national advertising. That money can stay here locally and be spent strategically when I’m selling your home.

Brand awareness, brand recognition and brand loyalty are the basis for any measurable success in corporate America, but then again, I’m not corporate America, I’m Main Street America and that’s the way I like it. However, as a business marketing grad, I have to give kudos to brand names such as Coldwell Banker, Century21, ERA, Sothebys International Realty and Better Homes and Gardens – all enterprises of Realogy’s real estate franchise network. Formerly all these franchise brands were directly owned by Cendant until they spun off and separated their hotel, car rental and real estate businesses and created Realogy, who’s franchise empire has certainly achieved the pinnacle of franchise branding success.  Other names that may come to consumers minds is the ReMax and Keller Williams franchises. Even locally here in New England and South of Boston on the South Shore of Massachusetts, William Raveis Real Estate and Jack Conway Realtors, two real estate powerhouses and non-franchise entities as of this date, have built great brand recognition and still remain independent.

A Referral to a Real Estate Agent is the norm when selling your home

If you’re selling your home and you get referred to an agent affiliated with Capital Residential, Coldwell Banker or William Raveis, chances are you’re probably going to end up working with that agent. People like referrals, both the giver and the receiver as well potential user of the services. It’s human nature to trust a friend’s opinion and their personal referral when it comes to something as important as selling your home and people like doing business with people they know. But that doesn’t always mean the referral you end up with is the right one for you. It can be no different than cold calling a real estate agency and ending up with the person who answers the phone. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if the real estate agent you’ve been referred to is exceptional and worthy of handling such an important financial transaction. Remember that selling your home involves hundreds of thousands of your dollars if not millions and you want an agent who has expertise in pricing, marketing and certainly negotiating so none of your money gets left on the table and the deal actually gets completed.

All of these companies I mentioned are strong national and regional brands who have spent a lot of money on their marketing campaigns to become successful. This has helped them attract and leverage people, both agents and consumers alike. I know and work with many good agents who are affiliated with these brands, but some real estate brokerages are hamstrung by their tight budgets caused by too many listings, overpriced listings and big office overhead. Then it’s up to the individual real estate agent to dip into their wallet and pay for the enhanced marketing efforts needed when selling your home in today’s market. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case as some agents might not have or be willing to spend their personal savings on marketing your home.

Getting a Bigger Bang For Your Buck When Selling Your Home

Most consumers might think a big national franchise brand can provide more value, better advertising and a bigger bang for their buck, but this isn’t necessarily true. Locally owned independent brokerage firms like Capital Residential Real Estate can offer the same and in many cases more value and service when selling your home.  Boutique real estate firms like Capital Residential have equal access to the same pool of home buyers in the marketplace so it’s just a matter of reaching those buyers and making sure your home is seen first and frequently.  Anyone can list a home for sale on the Internet, even the owner, but that doesn’t mean your home will be marketed properly. Just having your home listed on the MLS (Muliple Listing Service) these days isn’t enough to reach all the prospective buyers. When selling our home, you need feature advertising and strategic positioning on the Internet in order to find the right buyer. This featured positioning means having your home found first on sites like Realtor.com, Trulia.com and Boston.com, which easily leads people to your home for showings, open houses and ultimately a completed transaction. Capital Residential uses these featured on-line advertising resources as well as social media including Facebook and Twitter to increase your home’s on-line SEO.

Comparing Capital Residential to National Real Estate Franchises

When comparing Capital Residential to the national real estate franchises, the more important factor is the specific agent you chose to represent you and what that agent provides in terms of added value. Not all real estate agents are created equal. Some are experienced, some are not. Some have college degrees and real estate designations, some do not. Some have been professionally trained in negotiation techniques and how to bring deals to a successful conclusion. Some agents invest in themselves and their listings by way of hiring a professional photographer and videographer, which is necessary in today’s market. Selling your home in today’s market is not easy, inexpensive or an exact science. But one thing is for sure: It means thinking outside of the box, being creative and guaranteeing clients that their home will stand out above the competition. If the agent you are interviewing to represent you when selling your home can’t guarantee these types of marketing components, then keep looking for the right agent.

Being an Educated Consumer When Selling Your Home

As an educated consumer and someone thinking about selling your home in the near future, these are all relevant thoughts and considerations when hiring a real estate agent to represent you. I would suggest you interview at least three real estate agents in your community. Have the big companies come in first and second and then have Capital Residential come in last. Consider the added-value services each offers as well as the qualities and professional skills of the individual agent because they are ultimately the one and only person who is in control of your destiny when selling your home. Then make the choice that meets your expectations. As I said, any reputable real estate agent can sell a home, but how you get there and the net result is just as important. If you would like to speak to Realtor George Jamieson at Capital Residential Real Estate, please call 781-659-2005 or email him at George@capitalresidential.com. Take advantage of Capital Residential’s special offer: New clients get a free certified home appraisal and a $650 closing cost credit. Capital Residential Real Estate serves clients throughout the South Shore including the towns of Norwell, Hingham, Hanover, Scituate, Marshfield, Cohasset, Duxbury, Pembroke, Hull, Rockland, Abington, Braintree, Weymouth, Quincy, Plymouth, Kingston, Milton and South Boston.

Boston Magazine’s 2012 Best Places To Live

In Boston Magazine’s 2012 best places to live real estate guide, three South Shore communities including Scituate, Quincy and Plymouth made the cut. Boston Magazine picked Plymouth for its “savvy shopper’s dream” stating that you can buy a 1,600 square foot home for less than $275,000 and noted it will be even more appealing when the new high tech Plymouth North High School opens in September. Add to that Plymouth’s quaint downtown, its beaches and the Colony place outdoor mall making for the shopper’s dream Boston Magazine talks about.

Boston Magazine’s 2012 best places to live real estate picks

Boston Magazine’s best places to live real estate guide picks Quincy because it’s about to get a $1.6 billion downtown “extreme makeover” with new infrastructure, new retail and office buildings as well as 1,400 new residential units, which is expected to create a new vibrant downtown center. Boston Magazine’s 2012 best places to live real estate guide picked Scituate for its “bustling harbor” and a new wave of development in the downtown harbor area with restaurants, boutique shops and trendy residential living options. I’m not sure what matrix was used, if any, for this annual best places to live article, but it seems to be somewhat arbitrary, other than all three municipalities are coastal communities with beaches. With that being said, these three communities have been attractive to buyers for years due to their convenience to Boston, sense of community and quality of life.

Boston Magazine’s 2012 Best Places To Live Offers A Pricing Analysis Over The Last Five Years

The B0ston Magazine’s 2012 best places to live real estate guide offers a chart of single family home prices in the Greater Boston area including here on the South Shore. The matrix compares home prices in 2006, 2010 and 2011 outlining mostly percentage declines in value, but some communities such as Brookline, Dover and Newton saw increases in the last five years. Here on the South Shore, Hingham fared the best in the five year comparison with the median home value unchanged at $625,000 in the five year period. Other towns surrounding Hingham haven’t fared as well in maintaining their home values. Here’s a quick look at the local chart according to Boston Magazine’s article, which obtained the data from the Warren Group.











Based on information provided by MLS Property Information Network, Inc.the 2011 median South Shore single-family home value dropped to $325,000 from $340,000 with an average 4.41% decrease across the board with a few exceptions. Total single-family unit sales totaled 3,060 homes up from 2,931 in 2010. In 2005, total single-family home sales totaled 3,973 units. To follow weekly real estate trends and data in your community click here to view live updated real estate market statistics.

If you’re in the market for a new home or looking to sell your home on the South Shore or just want to discuss Boston Magazine’s 2012 Best Places to Live real estate guide, please contact local Realtor George Jamieson at Capital Residential Real Estate to assist you. To search for homes, please click here and register for daily email updates for homes that meet your criteria.

The 3 Big Buyer Mistakes That Turn Off Home Sellers

turn off home sellersBuyer Missteps That Turn Off Home Sellers

Current real estate conditions and low interest rates do make for favorable conditions for home buyers, but there are still a few buyer mistakes that turn off home sellers and can kill a real estate deal under any condition. Don’t miss out on the house you love. Avoid these home buyer mistakes that turn off home sellers.

3 Buyer Missteps That Turn Off Home Sellers

Home buyers may feel a false sense that all transactions come down to them, but home sellers can certainly pick and choose who they do business with. Here are the biggest missteps home buyers make that turn off home sellers.

LOW BALL OFFERS. A low ball real estate offer is not only insulting, it’s an easy way to turn off home sellers. Of course home buyers want a good deal on the house they are buying, but offering well under home appraisal probably won’t get you far in the deal.
Solution? Home buyers should work with an experienced Realtor who can compile market comps and current real estate transactions in the area to see how homes are selling in that market. At Capital Residential we work with home buyers to give them a more precise sense of offers turn off home sellersthat match real estate inventory based on our comprehensive market reports.

CRITICISM. Very rarely does a home buyer love everything about a home, but some home buyers take their criticism of a home a little too far. Buyers with an overly critical eye can turn off home sellers and sour the deal. The mural or backsplash that one home buyer finds horrendous may have been a labor of love for the current homeowner. Hurt feelings are sometimes just enough to turn off home sellers.
Solution? If the home seller or their agent is in earshot refrain from negative comments about décor or taste. These things are subjective, and harsh comments coupled with sensitive home sellers can wreck the transaction. Speak up if there’s a legitimate concern about the property, but keep comments about the home seller’s style to yourself.

LOAN ISSUES. So a home buyer has made an offer, the home seller has accepted, and then the loan falls through. It happens, and when it does it will turn off home sellers, and create dissatisfaction for everyone. Home buyers want to work with qualified home buyers so that when an offer comes in and the home is taken off the market, they can be certain the transaction will take place.
Solution? Get preapproved for your mortgage. This will put your mind and the home sellers you interact with at ease. At Capital Residential we help home buyers through the paper process, and ensure that they aren’t taking missteps that could threaten the deal or turn off the home sellers. Sometimes actions that seem insignificant can have huge implications on the deal. Just buying a refrigerator or washer before the ink is dry can ruin the real estate transaction. Once preapproval occurs, would-be home buyers should refrain from making large purchases on credit, so as to not affect their buying status.

How Working with a Real Estate Agent Can Avoid These Pitfalls

turn off home sellersAt Capital Residential our goal is to successfully guide home buyers through the home buying process. We are aware of what will turn off home sellers, and help our clients position themselves to be qualified, home buyers that sellers want to work with. If you are looking to buy a home, please contact me, George Jamieson at Capital Residential in Norwell, MA. I can be reached by email at George@capitalresidential.com or call/text me at 617.877.4839.

Upcoming Events in Norwell

events in norwellStart March with These Events in Norwell

March is right around the corner, and there are some great events in Norwell in the next few weeks. Here’s a look at events in Norwell and happenings in the community:

Events in Norwell: Brownie Troop Hosting a Blood Drive at NFD

Among events in Norwell this weekend is a Brigham and Women’s blood drive hosted by the Norwell Brownie Troop 73532 and the Norwell Fire Department. The blood drive will take place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 3 at Norwell Fire Department, 300 Washington St. Support the Brownies, give blood, and have the perfect excuse to pick up a box of Girl Scout Cookies. Cookies will be available for sale by members of the Brownie troop, and all who donate blood will receive a long-sleeve “Kiss Me I’m a Blood Donor” St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt. Those interested in giving blood must bring a photo ID, drink extra water, eat before donating, be in good health, weigh at least 110 pounds. and be at least 17 years of age.For appointments, call Norwell Fire Department at 781-659-8156. For eligibility information, call BWH Blood Donor Center at 617-732-6620 or visit the website at blooddonor@partners.org.

Events in Norwell: Call for Nominations for Norwell Citizen of the Year

Who will be the Citizen of the Year in Norwell for 2012? The Norwell Chamber of Commerce is currently accepting nominations for the 2012 Citizen of the Year. The group bestows this honor on one Norwell resident each year, and the Chamber invites nominations based on the following qualities.events in norwell

  • A track record of volunteerism and public service to the Town of Norwell and its citizens.
  • Made a positive difference to the lives of fellow citizens.
  • Dedicated to the town and concern for others.
  • A person who over the years has shown a willingness to work with other town residents and who is enthusiastic about the town and its citizens.
  • Has qualities of honesty and integrity.

Nominations are being accepted online at the Chamber website and by mail by sending the nomination to Norwell Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 322, Norwell, MA. 02061. Include with the nomination the reasons why this person should be the 2012 Citizen of the Year. All nominations must be received by March 30. The Citizen of the Year will be named in April and honored at a celebratory dinner at The Barker Tavern on Thursday, May 17, 2012.

Events in Norwell: The South Shore Science Centerevents in norwell

The days are getting longer and spring is getting closer, and you can hear it in the air at the South Shore Natural Science Center. The SSNSC is hosting a presentation titled, “Why Birds Sing” that explains what all the chirping is about this time of year. By around January 14 birds have started their seasonal sounds, and by April 1 the spring migrants begin arriving. Learn the calls for common birds and what the sounds mean. “Why Birds Sing” takes place Saturday, March 24, 2012 from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. Visit the SSNSC online for more information.

Medical Center Coming to Longwater Drive in Norwell

Rendering by Steffian Bradley Architects. Composite of proposed Longwater Place, a medical complex on Longwater Drive in Norwell, MA

Old WearGuard Building To Be Converted Into Medical Center

The former WearGuard plant at 141 Longwater Drive in Norwell has sat vacant for two years, but now the sprawling site is set to be transformed into a medical campus to serve patients on the South Shore. Foxrock Properties, a Quincy developer that bought the building and acreage for $12.5 million, won town approval last week and will soon be converting half of the 175,000-square-foot warehouse to medical offices. In addition, the developer will build an 80,000-square-foot satellite building for the expanding South Shore Medical Center.

Medical Center on Longwater Drive

The old WearGuard warehouse will be renovated this summer, with groundbreaking on the new building in about a year. The new medical center, which will be named “Longwater Place,” will have a new look, with plans to significantly alter the appearance of the former uniform company’s plant. The new medical center will be accessible by Longwater Drive, located off of High Street in Norwell. Norwell has maintained strict zoning rules in this area with the satellite building expected to be a two-story facility.

Multiple Practices to Occupy New Medical Center

“Longwater Place,” the new medical center on Longwater Drive will house several medical practices including South Shore Medical Center, which plans on expanding its space in the satellite building to be constructed next to the former warehouse. While South Shore Medical Center plans on keeping the Norwell office on Route 53, the new facility will include 60 physicians, a full-service lab, diagnostic radiography and ultrasound services.

Office Space in Longwater Medical Center

A 90,000-square-foot office building also located at the medical center will serve as office space to new tenants as well as current businesses including TriCore Solutions, Thorbahn, and Onpoint Financial Corp. The developer expects that businesses and companies in the health care industry will be interested in space in the new medical center because of its prominent brand and proximity to other medical practices.

What Today’s Home Buyers Want

home buyers want

Today’s Home Buyers Want Upgrades, Space, and Efficiency

The spring market is heating up on the South Shore, and today’s home buyers want to find the right house. So how do you make the house your selling a must-have for today’s home buyers? To compete in the spring market you have to know what home today’s home buyers want.

Today’s Home Buyers Want Value

Some things don’t change, and today’s home buyers are no exception. Today’s home buyers want a good deal. That’s not to say that home sellers have to undervalue their home listing, but it does mean that sellers should accentuate the positives about the home and give buyers every reason to pay top dollar. Show off the space. Remember the 50% rule and try to remove half of your items in each room. According to Realtor Magazine, 62% of home buyers are looking for one additional bedroom and bath in their next house, and 76% are looking for additional storage.

Home Buyers Want Upgrades and Quality

Today’s home buyers want practical amenities and good construction. Radiant flooring, energy-efficient appliances, modern fixtures and hardware, and high-end appliances top the list of today’s home buyers wants. Hardwoods and fireplaces are excellent features, but can detract from the home if they are not in great condition. Have hardwoods sanded and polished, and service fireplaces so they are in good working order.

Don’t Forget about the Outside

Today’s home buyers are as concerned about the exterior living space as they are of the interior space. Decks and outside entertainment areas go a long way with buyers so maximize the appeal of your exterior space. Freshen up older decks with stain, add flowers in ceramic pots, and clean the deck furniture. If the space seems uncared for it will be reflected in the buyer’s offer so take the time to make the backyard look tidy and maintained.

Home Buyers Want Useable Space

Today’s home buyers want useable space, and they are turned off by space that serves no function. Take a look at your house with fresh eyes. Arehome buyers want there spaces that seem to be a collect-all zone? Or is there an area that would be better served with different furniture? Some of these fixes are easy. If you’ve turned a bedroom into an office or playroom, turn it back into a bedroom. Bedrooms sell, and you want buyers to see the space set up as a bedroom. Other instances require imagination. Make small nooks into efficient office spaces or storage areas.

Priorities buyers have for their next home according to Realtor Magazine:

  • Affordable price: 78%
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling: 68%
  • Energy Star rating: 61%
  • No wasted space/smart design: 56%

What are some of those extras that buyers dream of?

  • A separate laundry room: 80%
  • Additional storage: 76%
  • Outdoor grilling living area: 63%
  • One additional bedroom and bath: 62%


10 Simple Ways to Get Your House Ready to Sell

get your house ready to sellWhat You Need to Know to Get Your House Ready to Sell

Every seller wants top dollar, but the deciding factor is most often what’s been done to get your house ready to sell. Just because two homes are the same square footage or in the same neighborhood doesn’t mean they’ll sell for the same amount. It comes down to buyers and how they react to the homes.

Get Your House Ready to Sell Checklist

So what can you do to get your house ready to sell? Start with this checklist to get your house ready to sell.

Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer.

Use a critical eye to evaluate your home and property. Get your house ready to sell by looking for the flaws outside. Cracks in the driveway or pathways, peeling paint, missing window trim, broken gutters. These eye sores indicate to buyers that the home has not been cared for. They can be easily remedied, and will go a long way in first impressions with buyers.

Don’t make it personal.

You probably have wonderful memories of the home, but to get your house ready to sell you need to let the personal part go. Remove the family photos, the mementos and knick-knacks, and all of the other personal items that can be distracting to buyers. You want them to imagine owning the property, not being reminded that it belongs to someone else.

Be neutral.

You may love magenta walls and orange-striped pillows, but your taste may not coincide with the average buyer. To get your house ready to sell neutralize the design and décor. Cream and beige tones are good choices because they are not offensive. Some buyers have a hard time seeing past a color they don’t like. Make it easy on them by creating a completely neutral palette.

get your house ready to sellDwell on the details when you get your home ready to sell.

It’s easy to overlook a small crack on the wall especially if it’s been that way for years, but when you get ready to sell your house you need to notice those details. Just because you learned to live with it doesn’t mean the next buyer is willing to. Address the cracks, fill the holes, smooth the wall surfaces. Fix the door that sticks, the step that creaks, the light switch that doesn’t work. And don’t rely strictly on a fresh coat of paint. Take care of wall imperfections before touching up the paint.

Clean out the closets and drawers.

It can be a big task, but to get your house ready to sell you need to purge. Buyers open doors and drawers, and you don’t want them to be a mess. Stuffed drawers and bursting closests tell buyers that the house doesn’t have adequate space. Pack clothes up and put them in the storage if you have to. Streamline the closets so they look functional and neat. Do the same with drawers in the bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. Buyers can imagine themselves in a neat, efficient space.

Organize the kitchen.

Get your house ready to sell by removing everything from the counter. It may not be what you are used to, but buyers like to see every inch of counter space. A tidy kitchen is an efficient and more spacious kitchen. Organize cupboards and pantries, and remove clutter.

Less is more.

Generally every space looks better and bigger with less furniture and items in it. To get your house ready to sell minimize what you have. You’ve likely grown out of your house or are downsizing anyway so take the time to get rid of old furniture and items you don’t want anymore. Donate or toss them. Remove at least one piece of furniture from every room. Try to narrow bedrooms down to just bed, bureau, nightstand. Remove everything else. Clean out under beds and give everything a thorough cleaning.

get your house ready to sellFocus on finishing touches.

Niceties go a long way when you get your house ready to sell. Add the little features that buyers appreciate. Update older kitchen cabinets with contemporary knobs, fill vases with fresh flowers, stack potted plants on decks and back steps, and place nice bath soaps in a dish with fresh hand towels in the bathroom.

Make surfaces sparkle.

Every surface needs attention when you get your house ready to sell. Everything from your front lawn to kitchen floors need to look like new. When surfaces look dingy the buyer assumes they’ll need to replace it and this comes off the listing price. Buyers are more willing to pay top dollar when everything looks pristine and new. Sand and refinish hardwood floors, regrout tile in the bathroom, wash tile floors and windows, trim the grass, and steam vacuum carpets. Some sellers invest in professional cleaning services on an ongoing basis during the home selling process to maintain maximum cleanliness.

When you get your home ready to sell, choose an experienced real estate agent.

get your house ready to sellOnce you get your house ready to sell it’s important to work with a real estate agent that is familiar with your neighborhood and real estate market. Capital Residential specializes in home selling and buying on the South Shore. Our agents work and live right in the community. We watch and study the trends, and understand what both buyers and sellers want in this market. Wondering how homes are selling on the South Shore? Sign up for our free market reports to receive the latest real estate numbers for Norwell, Hingham, Hanover, Marshfield, and other surrounding towns. If you’re thinking of selling your home, contact me, George Jamieson at Capital Residential in Norwell, MA. I can be reached by email at George@capitalresidential.com or call/text me at 617.877.4839.

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