Norwell Students Celebrate Nationwide Food Day

NorwellNorwell Food Service Teams Up with Local Farms

In honor of Food Day on October 24, 2011, Norwell School’s Food Service is adding some tasty, locally-grown produce to the cafeteria menus.

Local Norwell Flavors

In addition to the popular mozzeralla sticks, today’s lunch menu in Norwell features eggplant parmesan using fresh crop from Appleton Farms in Scituate. A harvest chicken salad with Cortland apples from Lookout Farm in Natick will take the place of the usual teriyaki chicken Caesar salad. The menu will also feature butternut squash and potatoes grown at Plato’s Harvest in Middleborough.

Norwell Food Service Branches Out

Under the guidance of Norwell Food Service’s innovative and progressive director, Judy Crooks, the school lunch menu has been finding creative and practical ways to incorporate farm-fresh produce into this year’s cafeteria offerings. The recent additions are part of a quiet transformation that focuses on healthy choices in the school menu over the last few years. Changes to this year’s school menu included:

  • skim, lowfat, white milk and fat free chocolate milk
  • wheat breads (85% of bread offered is whole wheat or multi-grain)
  • multi-grain pasta
  • more fresh fruit and vegetables

Norwell’s Fresh Approach

The changes seem to be welcomed by students and staff alike who appreciate the variety in menu items and native source of the vegetables.  In September Crooks and her staff along with volunteers from Norwell Farms and Norwell Farm Education Committee participated in the Mass Farm to School Harvest for Students Week. From September 19 through September 23, Norwell students were served local, delicious vegetables including corn, potatoes, green beans, squash and apples from two South Shore farms: Billingsgate Farm in Plympton, MA and Lapiniski Farms in Hanson, MA. Fourth graders shucked the corn served at lunch that week. From fresh-picked green beans to Fresh Fall Fruit Crisp, students enjoyed the local fall harvest.

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