Selecting the Best Agent

Why Should You Choose a Capital Residential Real Estate Advisor?
As a consumer, home buyer or seller, we realize you have many choices when it comes to choosing a real estate Agent to represent you. If you are looking to work with a professional, ethical and proactive real estate agency, we will earn your business. We strive to give you the peace of mind you deserve during the entire selling process. We know this may be one of the largest financial decisions you make in your lifetime. Having the most experienced and skilled negotiator at your side could mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars. We will ensure that your property exposure is maximized through our continued investment in featured internet advertising. We are keenly aware that the vast majority of home buyers use the internet to search for properties. That is why we are dedicated to making sure your property is featured first, creating more leads and a faster sale cycle. As your Capital Residential real estate advisor, I will guide you through the complicated paperwork involved, from the initial agreements to the closing documents.

What To Look For In An Agent
The following are a couple of factors to keep in mind when looking for a listing agent:

  • Education.  The most important factor in choosing a real estate professional is their education in the real estate industry.  Capital Residential real estate advisors have advanced training and education, allowing them to be among the top agents in the industry.
  • Experience and Expertise. You want a full-time agent who is familiar with your specific location and neighborhood and the type of property you own. Does he or she employ a diverse range of marketing and advertising strategies?  How tech-savvy is your agent?  How many similar properties has he or she been able to sell in the past? Capital Residential employs local real estate advisors who live in the neighborhoods they serve. They are active members of the community and will work diligently on your behalf until your home is sold. Technology is a major component of our business and each of our real estate advisors embrace the competitive edge we can offer our clients. 
  • Availability and Commitment. Your agent should be capable of prompt and decisive action during the course of selling your property.  Does your agent make it a point to keep in touch with you reliably? Can your agent easily be contacted in case of emergencies or even for the simplest questions?  Is your agent available on the weekends or in the evenings when most buyers are looking? Does your agent use text messaging or Skype if you are out of town or the country? Our goal at Capital Residential is to be #1 in client satisfaction. This can only be achieved by clear communication and collaboration with our clients.
  • Trust, Honesty & Integrity. Does your agent take the time to listen to your goals and clarify the exact nature of your needs?  Can your agent understand the uniqueness of your situation? Is he or she genuinely concerned and invested about the outcome of the process?  Listening is a skill that only seasoned real estate advisors can provide. When you know you are being listened to, the process of building trust between two people is initiated. At Capital Residential, your real estate advisor will be your guide and exclusive partner in this important transaction. It is important to work with a firm and an advisor who is more interested in your needs than theirs. Our real estate firm is built on a strong and established foundation of integrity and high moral and ethical standards. Our strong referral base is the backbone of our business.
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