10 Keys To A Successful Home Sale


  1. Work with a real estate agent and don’t go it alone. Over 95% of homes are sold through the help of  a real estate agent. Working without an agent is proven to leave money on the table.
  2. Don’t hire just any real estate agent. Engage a highly qualified and educated career Realtor® with local expertise and a full complement of real estate, marketing and negotiating skills.
  3. Choose a Realtor® who will give you a written guarantee of services. Make sure your home will be featured and showcased with on-line marketing.
  4. Price your home accurately. The first two weeks your home is listed for sale are the most critical. This is when the greatest number of potential buyers will see it and possibly buy it. Don’t go too high or too low. Price it right.
  5. Use professional photography and video. This will enhance your home’s on-line appeal resulting in a higher quality of buyers.
  6. Curb appeal is still the key. Remember, first impressions are usually lasting. Curb appeal entices buyers to take a closer look at the inside of your home.
  7. Staging and de-cluttering your home. Selling a clean, fresh smelling and bright home can have a positive impact on the appeal and final value.
  8. Make necessary improvements. Take care of deferred maintenance issues before buyers and home inspectors point them out.
  9. Choose a Realtor® who listens and communicates. Make sure your Realtor® is prompt, technologically engaged and a good listener. Ask for references.
  10. Seek out the best professional advice available. Don’t underestimate the importance of having the most qualified and skillful representation working for you. Misguided strategies and advice combined with a mediocre home marketing plan can cost you thousands of dollars and wasted time.
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