Hingham Neighborhoods


South Hingham

Get off the highway at Route 3, start down beautiful Main Street, and welcome to the neat neighborhoods of South Hingham. Featuring a wooded landscape, a few marshy areas and street upon street of family-friendly homes, this area’s proximity to the highway and Derby Street shopping make it a very attractive location for commuters moving into town.

With numerous neighborhoods as well as a terrific mix of homes, South Hingham offers both first-time buyers as well as those looking to expand with plenty of options. The neighborhoods of Liberty Pole, Scotland Street, Richard Road, Prospect Street and Gardner Street are established areas often with older homes that have been updated and well-maintained. Colonials, capes and ranches abound in these kid-friendly neighborhoods, and property size varies. Sandwiched between Queen Annes’s Corner and Hingham Centre, this region is typically quiet where home owners can appreciate the quiet tranquility of home life. Mast Hill and Saw Mill are developments with larger homes that offer an instant neighborhood feel. South Hingham also features the exclusive gated-community of Black Rock which sits along the 18-hole golf course.

Central Hingham

Stretching from Glad Tidings Plains down to Hingham Centre is Central Hingham. This charming section of Hingham is filled with many antiques as well as older homes, and many side streets perfectly situated to stroll and enjoy what Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt dubbed, “The most beautiful Main Street in America.” Upper Main Street boasts some of the most magnificent old homes in Hingham. Stately and lovely these homes line Main Street, creating a magnificent and impressive entrance into a town inherently popular with home buyers.

Up on the hill is High Street with its side streets and cul-de-sacs featuring some very nice colonial homes. In the other direction Free Street loops around past Hornstra Farm, Wompatuck State Park, Hingham High School and to more quaint streets of neighborhoods near the Hingham Public Library. Throughout this area size and price of homes vary, but seemingly all have lots of curb appeal. Back on Main Street more roads lead down to Haley Field and playgrounds, popular with young families with children. 

West Hingham

Spanning from Downtown Hingham and stretching along Route 3A West Hingham features all the charm of the small town shopping area as well as the majestic beauty of Hingham Harbor. Mixing the historic with the contemporary, West Hingham is for many a home buyers paradise. The magnificent estates of Lower Main Street perch along the dip into the quaint downtown area of Hingham. Longstanding establishments such as Loring Hall, Brigham’s and the signature red Talbot’s door are reminders of this town’s history. The downtown Hingham area is surrounded by lovely tree-lined side roads that feature picture-perfect homes and access to all the shops. Ice cream, flowers, clothing is just a stroll away making this really a delightful place for families. Landmarks dot the area including the oldest church in the United States, Old Ship Church.

Across from the downtown area and up the hill are the tight, but truly lovely roads surrounding Derby Academy. Some are more modest colonials, others are quite substantial with exquisite views of the Harbor. Along 3A are quite a few neighborhoods such as Bradley Woods, a family-friendly area of capes that has for decades been a top choice for first-time Hingham home buyers. Up the hill from the Hingham Lobster Pound is Crow Point, a neighborhood surrounded by water on three sides. These homes are a bit removed from the downtown area, but have beautiful views of Hingham Harbor.

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