Current Norwell Real Estate Market Stats

Having up-to-date Norwell Real Estate market data is invaluable.

Here’s some insight on how the real estate market in Norwell has been doing during the current 7-day period compared with the last 90-days. As a home buyer or someone selling their home, this information is invaluable as you can use historical and current statistics as a tool when making an offer, negotiating and buying a home. On the other hand, if you are thinking about selling your home in Norwell and need to know what price to ask and ultimately what price you might settle for, this data is a good measuring stick of how the Norwell real estate market is doing.

The Norwell Real Estate Market is constantly changing.

Norwell Real Estate market data can be obtained in several ways, but the most accurate is using a service that combines not only MLS (multiple listing service) statistics, but Plymouth County Registry of Deeds recordings. Capital Residential Real Estate subscribes to a paid service called Altos Research, which provides current and in-depth Norwell real estate market data for free to its customers and the public. The Norwell real estate market is ever-changing and consumers need to be informed. Informed consumers can formulate better strategies for pricing and negotiation by working with an experienced Capital Residential Real Estate agent.

Save this page to your favorites and have up to date Norwell Real Estate Market Data at your fingertips.

If you’re in the market for a home to purchase or thinking of selling and just starting the information gathering stage, it’s a good idea to save this page as a favorite and watch the trends in the market. This chart shows the median price, days on market and average price per square foot. If you would like to have a more in-depth report sent to you on a weekly basis, you can sign up by clicking here. If you have any questions about this chart or other real estate related questions, please feel free to call George Jamieson at Capital Residential Real Estate at 617-877-4839. To search homes in Norwell or anywhere on the South Shore please click here.


Ready to Sell? 7 Tips for Selling a House in the Spring Market 2012

selling a house in the spring marketSelling a House in the Spring Market on the South Shore

With snow on the ground it’s hard to imagine the daffodils and crocuses budding, but they are coming, and so is the time for selling a house in the spring market. And it starts early. On the South Shore, the spring real estate market actually begins just after February vacation, so there’s really just a few weeks before we see houses listed and the spring market cycle begin to take shape. Selling a house in the spring market depends heavily on preparation and timing. The stronger listings, the ones carefully evaluated before coming to market, tend to do better.

7 Tips for Selling a House in the Spring Market 2012

Planning is key for success when selling a house in the spring market. And now is the time to enhance and position your property for a sale. Consider these tips before selling a house in the spring market on the South Shore:

Schedule Contractors Now.

Whether you need roof or chimney repairs, exterior or interior painting, or a top coat on the driveway, now is the time to line up the contractors. Schedules fill up quickly as other homeowners prepare their properties for sale. Start the process now so you have plenty of time to get projects complete before selling a house in the spring market 2012. If you need a referral, contact me or visit my local business page.

Finish the “Little Projects.”

There are always a few small things that homeowners wish they got to before selling a house in the spring market. It might be a leaky fawcet, a hole or dent in the drywall, or maybe just a lightbulb that has blown, but whatever that little project is, now is the time to complete it. Too often homeowners look past the little things until it’s time to list the house for sale, and then the pressure is on. Reduce the stress by finishing the projects now.

Add to Your Home’s Best Features.

Take a look at your house and put yourself in the home buyer’s shoes. What parts of your home are the most attractive? Try to lengthen that list by boosting your home’s curb and interior appeal. Paint the front door. Clean the windows and drapes. Freshen the paint on woodwork and trim.

Clean the closets and drawers.

Storage is always a top priority for home buyers, and open houses inevitably lead to a closet or drawer being opened. And a messy, cluttered appearance gives the impression that the house lacks adequate space. Clean the utility drawer and organize the closets. Showcase the functionality of your house.


Now is the perfect time to sort through totes, storage bins, and closets and figure out what you don’t want or need to bring to your next home. Drop household items to the Salvation Army on Route 53 in Hanover, drop a bag of clothes in the St. Vincent de Paul bin behind St. Helen’s Church, drop gently used clothes, coats and toys to the Closet located at Norwell Town Hall. Removing these items now will save you time when you go to move, and it will make your home neater for open house. Buyers are able to visualize themselves and their furniture better when less of your belongings are visible.

Clean the Yard.

Home buyer first impressions are based on the exterior of your house, and selling a house in the spring market is competitive. Tidy the yard, pick up fallen branches, toss old pots and plantings from last season, and shovel and salt walkways and driveways.

Work with an Experienced Real Estate Agent.

It’s not too early to start the process of selling a house in the spring market 2012, and the first step is to find the right real estate agent to list your house. Home sellers should look for an agent knowledgable of the local real estate market. Capital Residential specializes in the South Shore towns of Norwell, Hingham, Cohasset, Hanover, Marshfield, and Scituate and surrounding communities. We keep up-to-date on the the real estate market here on the South Shore, and therefore can help our clients determine appropriate listing prices, stage their homes for buyers, and market their homes effectively.

If you’re thinking of selling a house in the spring market 2012 on the South Shore, contact me. I’m happy to answer your questions about the South Shore real estate market and selling your home. And sign up for my free market reports so I can email you the latest numbers for homes sales and trends in your town.

Buying in Norwell? Tips To Get You Started

NorwellBeginning Your Norwell Home Search

Maybe it’s the small town appeal, strong Norwell school system, or rural attributes that have attracted you to this South Shore community. You’ve narrowed your search, and are considering buying a home in Norwell. What are the next steps? Here’s are a few tips to get you started on your Norwell home search.

Search Norwell ListingsNorwell

There are some great homes on the market in Norwell, ranging in all sizes and numerous styles. From starter homes to luxury properties, new construction to established neighborhoods, Norwell has some beautiful houses available to buyers. Take a look at these Norwell listings. If you’re not working with a Realtor I am happy to personally provide you with more information about the listings that catch your attention.

List of “Must-Haves”

There are a lot of choices in house hunting: property size, square footage, number of bedrooms, number or bathrooms, new construction, antiques, main roads, neighborhoods, waterfront, proximity to Route 3, proximity to Route 3A, and the list goes on. It’s tremendously helpful and time-saving for buyers to consider these options and draft a list of musts in their home search. I can work with you to provide resources and information to help you weigh these options before deciding what will work for your family.

NorwellMarket Reports

Is it a good time buy? What are homes worth in Norwell? Are homes selling for listing price? These are all excellent questions for homebuyers to ask. And, I can email you that information on a weekly basis. Just sign up for my free market report, and you will receive the most current numbers for Norwell.

Attend Norwell Open Houses

Much about home buying is visual, a feeling when you see the property and walk through the home. I am happy to work with you, show you properties and homes that seem like a good fit for you. As a resident of Norwell, I know my way around, and am familiar with the various sections and neighborhoods within the community. I can offer you a lay of the land as well as insight into Norwell.

If you have more questions about starting a home search or buying a house in Norwell give me a call at 617.877.4839 or send me an email at It would be my pleasure to work with you to find the perfect house.

Selling A House During The Holiday Season

sellingHow To Make It The Selling Season

The holidays are right around the corner, and homeowners are asking themselves: should we bother selling now or take the house off the market until after the new year? It’s a good question. The winter season is not typically the ideal time to sell, but it does have some unique advantages.

Five Tips For Home Selling in Winter

While the real estate market doesn’t attract huge numbers this time of year, the home buyers shopping around for a house are usually pretty serious, which means a better chance of selling. There’s also a little less competition on the market as some sellers do remove their listing during the holidays. It’s possible to sell your home during the holidays and here are a few tips to make your house appealing to buyers:

1.      Illuminate Inside and Out:  The short days of light in winter make it hard to rely on natural light to really showcase your home. Turn on all of the lights before an open house. Be sure that bulbs are working and that you’re using the highest wattage that you can safely use in all fixtures. A bright house is inviting, helps buyers to appreciate the entirety of the home, and shows that you have nothing to hide. Light up the outside as well. Illuminate entranceways and paths.

2.      Clean.  Target the areas of the home that have a tendency to not look their best this time of year. Windows can look dingy, give the glass a good cleaning. The exterior can be hard to maintain this time of year, but keep the grass mowed, keep up with falling leaves, clear paths and walkways, remove fallen branches. Once the snow flies shovel, plow, and salt.

3.      Warm and cozy.  Selling a home in winter requires staging. Keep the thermostat on a comfortable setting. “Drafty” or “chilly” are not words you want used to describe your home by would-be buyers. Appeal to the senses by filling the air with the delicious aroma of home-baked cookies which you can leave out on a nice platter. Place a clean mat by the door for home buyers to take their wet or snow-covered shoes on. Not only will it keep your floors clean, it shows pride of ownership on your part.

4.      Decorate tastefully.  Holiday wreaths and lights are completely appropriate, but keep décor neutral. Real or artificial mums or poinsettias give beautiful color to entranceways, mantles and tables. Christmas trees can be lovely additions to living rooms, just be sure that they are sized appropriately for the space. Set dining tables with china and rich table linens to show the potential for the home in terms of entertaining.

5.      Price right.  Regardless of when you’re selling a home, pricing the house correctly gives you the best advantage. Keep up with listing and selling prices in your area, and take note of which homes are selling. Work with a Realtor who understands the market and can help you position your home for a sale. If you’re selling a home in Norwell, Hingham or surrounding South Shore communities I am happy to work with you to make your home stand out and attract buyers in this real estate market.

Norwell Real Estate Market Stats

Norwell Real Estate Market Statistics Live and Updated

The Norwell Real Estate market continues its cyclical changes as one season rolls into another, but the overall economy, unemployment, and lingering uncertainty about the short and long-term market has had its effect. The chart and graphs below will be updated weekly if you want to stay in tune with the most relevant Norwell real estate data. You can bookmark this page and come back regularly to stay in touch with the market stats. Realtor George Jamieson of Capital Residential Real Estate is available to assist you with any questions you may have.

Norwell Real Estate Median Home Value

As you will see in the graphs below, the Norwell median home value has moved up slightly in the last several months, however, as you will see in the median price per square foot graph, prices for homes on a per square foot basis have declined. My analysis on this is that the top quartile of Norwell Real Estate sales (those above $800,000) have been significantly reduced resulting in a negative price per square foot reduction in this graph. The median home price per square foot was about $255 back in January 2011 and now sits around $239. I believe homes in the lower and mid-range quartiles have been fairly stable, albeit there are no apples-to-apples and each neighborhood may demand higher values.

Norwell Real Estate Inventory

Also, you will see that Norwell Real Estate inventory has come of its high in July. Real estate inventory levels traditionally decline after the Fall market heading into Winter as homes that haven’t sold come off the market. The average days on market hit a low mark back in June and have been heading in an upward trend since.  If you are in need of detailed comparative market analysis or a certified appraisal of your home, please contact George Jamieson of Capital Residential Real Estate for assistance. George’s phone number is 617-877-4839. To search homes in Norwell or throughout the South Shore click here.


Norwell Real Estate

Norwell Real Estate

Norwell Real Estate

Norwell Real Estate

Norwell Real Estate

Mortgage Interest Rates Drop Again

mortgageNew Low Means Good Mortgage Rates for Buyers

If you’re in the market for a home, it’s a great time to secure a loan. Interest rates on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, the most popular choice among home buyers, fell again this week according to Freddie Mac’s weekly mortgage market survey.

Mortgage Rates Stay Low

The new low is the second lowest reading on record since falling to a record low of 3.94% on October 6, 2011.

30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Averaged 4 percent, with an average 0.7 point, down from last week’s 4.10 percent average. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is the second lowest on record, just behind the 3.94 percent record reached on Oct. 6. A year ago at this time, 30-year rates averaged 4.24 percent.

15-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Averaged 3.31 percent, with an average 0.7 point, falling from last week’s 3.38 percent average. Last year at this time, 15-year mortgages averaged 3.63 percent.

5-Year Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

Averaged 2.96 percent this week, with an average 0.6 point, dropping from last week’s 3.08 percent. At this time last year, 5-year ARMs averaged 3.39 percent.

1-Year ARMs

Averaged 2.88 percent this week, with an average 0.6 point, dropping from last week’s 2.90 percent average. A year ago at this time, the 1-year ARM averaged 3.26 percent.

Data from Freddie Mac

Selling a Home? New Study Reveals Best Day to List

sellingHome Selling Data Points to Friday Listings

When it comes to selling, does it matter which day of the week you list a house? A new study from Redfin analyzed home sales and listing dates to see if there was a correlation. According to the data which analyzed 1.2 million listings in 16 markets over 21 months, a Friday listing will have a greater chance of selling.

The Selling Science of Listings

The Redfin data showed that new listings on the market are spread pretty evenly between Monday and Friday. Each day averages about 17 to 19% of the total share of listings, with Saturday and Sunday coming in lower at 5 to 7%. However, when it came to analyzing how listings compared in terms of online views, tours, and selling price, day of the week seemed to played a big factor.

Friday Tops Selling In Every Market

Across the board in the Redfin study Friday had the strongest numbers. According to Redfin homes listed on Friday are 12% more likely to sell within 90 days. In addition, homes listed on a Thursday or Friday sold for slightly closer to the list price, 94.4% compared with 93.9% for homes listed on a Sunday or Monday. And homes listed on Friday were toured 19% more by buyers than homes listed on any other day of the week.

The Theory Behind Friday and Stronger Sales

Analysts at Redfin have a theory to support why Friday listings produce better results. According to Redfin, Friday listings are top of mind to potential home buyers who primarily tour homes on the weekends. The theory is that home buyers plan weekend open houses and tours based on newest listing so as to not miss out on the best deal or a popular property. Analysts suggest that Friday listings have the most potential of being toured, leading to more buyer interaction, and increasing the chance of offers.

Exceptional Quincy Multifamily For Sale | 25 Vine Avenue

Quincy multifamily25 Vine Avenue, A Quincy Multifamily Gem

If you’re looking to own a home in Quincy, this well cared for 3-unit multifamily property makes financial sense. Live on one side of the home and rent the other two apartments for approximately $2400.00 per month.  25 Vine Avenue in Quincy is conveniently located near Quincy Center, public transportation, Wollaston beach and just about everything.

The Many Features of This Quincy Multifamily

25 Vine Avenue in Quincy Massachusetts offers many features including an updated kitchen in the owner’s unit, 2-3 bedrooms, living room, dining room and a full basement. There is a one bedroom apartment that is currently vacant on the first floor so if a buyer wanted to do a little renovating, you could punch through the first floor wall and open it up to make a larger living area. Financially, it makes more sense to utilize the property as a 3-family property but there are options.  This Quincy multifamily home offers a large private backyard for family enjoyment and gardening. There are two driveways and an area to park cars plus there is on-street parking.

Solid Real Estate Investment

Whether you live in one unit or rent all three, this Quincy multifamily is a great investment opportunity in today’s market. The rental market is very active and demand from renters is high. Also, with interest rates at record lows, you can buy this Quincy multifamily at a great price and finance with a very low interest rate making it a good real estate investment. If you would like to tour the property, please call George Jamieson at Capital Residential Real Estate at 617-877-4939 or email

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Homes For Sale In Norwell Mass

Is it the right time to buy a home in Norwell?

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy a home in Norwell, MA, now is the time to act. My email account has been on fire lately with urgent notifications from listing agents about significant price reductions and very motivated sellers they are representing.  My guess is that this is a combination of things coming to a head, including homes that were overpriced to begin with, sellers who have decided to move on and get on with the next chapter of their life before Winter hits, and an overall continued sideways movement and in some neighborhoods, a continued decline in home values.  Obviously, the continued sluggish economy and flat line in new job creation hasn’t helped.

Plenty of homes for sale in Norwell.

There are plenty of homes for sale in Norwell, Mass. Starter homes begin in the $300s, mid-level homes in the $500,000 to $750,000 range, and luxury homes exceeding one million dollars. Norwell is a great town to live in and call home. Norwell offers a superior school system, all types of recreation, close proximity to Boston via the commuter rail and water shuttle, and a tightly knit community that supports each other.

Looking to buy a home in Norwell?

If you are an active buyer looking for a home in Norwell, search through these listings below, which have the biggest price percentage decreases, and if you see anything you like, please call George Jamieson at Capital Residential Real Estate at 617-877-4839 to schedule a showing. I will help guide you through your search, due diligence, and home value analysis to assure you have gotten the best possible deal on your new home.

We're sorry, but it seems that we're having some problems loading MLS data from our database. Please check back soon.

Wildcat Hill Development Breaks Ground on 46 New Homes in Norwell

Wildcat HillConstruction Starts at Wildcat Hill Development in Norwell

If you’ve driven along Wildcat Lane in Norwell recently you probably noticed the construction. It’s hard to miss it. The Wildcat Hill Residential Development is the largest subdivision to be approved in Norwell in over 30 years. Just beyond Centennial Way, the new roads have been cut in: Bayberry Lane and Highfield Lane. Home buyers searching for new homes in Norwell will have their choice of 46 lots and custom built homes by J.P. Gallagher Construction. New homes are being built on half acre lots so the the development will have an even more inviting neighborhood feel. The new Wildcat Hill Development in Norwell will feature custom built homes with protective covenants for the entire neighborhood. Wildcat Hill Homes will start in the 2,800 square foot range at a price of approximately $750,000 and up.

Wildcat Hill Development is first of its kind

Norwell’s planning board gave the approval to Boston-based contractor A.W. Perry and McKenzie Engineering of Norwell for the Wildcat Hill development’s plans the end of last year. The Wildcat Hill development, which sits on a 73-acre parcel of land will be the first modeled under the Open Space Residential Design (OSRD) process which voters passed at the 2008 Norwell Town Meeting. OSRD allows for developers to construct houses on half-acre lots rather than one-acre lots on parcels five acres or larger. A popular process throughout the state, these “cluster” developments build homes closer together and leave open, “green” space undeveloped. Under the process half the land must be reserved for open space.

Interested in buying a home at Wildcat Hill in Norwell?

The Wildcat development will feature 33 acres of land for trails, walkways and public use. The expectation is that residents of the new development will form a homeowners association which will cover costs for maintaining as well as taxes on the undeveloped land. If you’re interested in buying a new home in Norwell and specifically a newly constructed home in the Wildcat Hill development, please call Realtor George Jamieson at 617-877-4839 to schedule a meeting with the builder, choose your lot and create your dream home.

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